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4 Tips for the Perfect Catering Order

There are a lot of food choices for your catering order and it all looks good! So how are you going to decide what to order for your next party or event? If you’re thinking of Italian catering on Brooklyn, NY, you’re on the right track. Going with Italian provides a variety of styles of food and something for everyone that needs to eat – even if they’re picky! Follow these four tips to ensure everyone raves about your catering choices!

Variety Is the Spice of Catering

The best part about catering is you can order a large variety of food. Instead of a sub platter with two kinds of subs, Italian catering allows for pasta, pizzas, meats, and so many options for sides. When you order a variety of dishes, you can please a large group of people. If someone doesn’t eat meat, they can choose between pizza and pasta. If someone is eating low-carb, they can go with a meat dish instead of pizza or pasta.

Meat and Meatless

That being said, it’s important to have both meat and meatless options. Vegetarian and vegan options are pretty standard options and should be included in your order. Ordering Italian makes it easy to include a delicious pasta dish for anyone that doesn’t enjoy meat. You can choose between great dishes like spaghetti or gnocchi.

More Is Always Better Than Less

As a standard catering rule of thumb, it is better to have too much food than not enough. Running out of food is disappointing for everyone that’s eating and hasn’t eaten yet. How many people are you planning to feed with Italian catering in Brooklyn, NY? If your headcount is 20, for example, order food for 24. This extra food lets people have more choice, and even go back for seconds if they want!

Don’t Forget Dessert!

It’s easy to order salads and entrees, but don’t forget dessert! Something sweet to finish a meal is crucial for a good and complete experience. Who doesn’t love a fresh cannoli to end a catered meal?

When ordering for a group of people, you can’t go wrong with Italian catering in Brooklyn, NY. The variety of dishes both with meat and meatless, sauces, sides, and desserts provide a well-rounded menu. Order a little bit extra, and don’t forget dessert for a happy, well-fed group of co-workers, friends or family members.

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