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4 Tips for Serving Whiskey at Home

Whiskey is an excellent drink to serve at a celebration, whether you prefer the intensity of Scotch whiskey or the malty hint of sweetness in Kentucky bourbon. But when you serve such a finely crafted and intense beverage, you need to serve it correctly. Give it the dignity it deserves; this also gives your guests respect. So whether you’re serving a romantic partner, your friends, some colleagues, or family, follow these 4 tips to serve whiskey with style and sophistication right at home.

Use a Decanter

Storing whiskey in its very on whiskey decanter, a glass or crystal bottle designed to keep the liquid airtight inside, allows it to age with grace without oxidizing or losing flavor. A whiskey decanter is also an elegant chalice for serving. Simply set the decanter on a table between you and your guests to signify that it’s time to enjoy a finely aged liquor.

Use the Right Glasses

Whiskey glasses are different than cocktail glasses or shot glasses. They should be fairly short, with a wide, straight rim. While there are variations that bring out the scents and flavors of distinct types of whiskey, a set of lowball glasses is suitable for virtually any variety. Glasses look more elegant than plastic or paper cups, and bring out the superior qualities of whiskey.

Serve Garnish and Mix

Whiskey should ideally be enjoyed straight on the rocks, depending on the type, although some people prefer to dilute whiskey in mixes. If you’re serving a large crowd, allow them to make whiskey cocktails with simple mixes like sweet and sour. You can even provide sugar and bitters to make old fashioned cocktails. Garnishes like maraschino cherries, mint leaves, orange peel, and twists of lime will form an elegant display beside your decanter and give your guests the opportunity to style their own drinks.

Serve Ice

While Scotch whiskey purists believe that Scotch should only be served straight, or with a few drops of water to bring out its deep flavors, some people prefer to serve bourbon and other varieties of whiskey on the rocks. Provide plenty of ice for this purpose. If you’re giving guests garnish and mixes, they’ll definitely need ice.

Whether you have a home bar or just a liquor cabinet in your kitchen, serving whiskey properly is key to enjoying it to its fullest. Bring home a whiskey decanter and other stylish serving options so you can entertain with class.

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