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Article Spinning Needs To Be Done Accurately To Enhance Website Ranking

Article spinning means a rewrite of original content. In other words, the original text is transformed into a new version, but has different phrases or words.

Why spin articles?

Content marketing is still a good strategy. Article spinning is needed to submit a variety of content on different directories.

  • The writer writes a message and desires to share it with the world. The message can be educational or related to entertainment or about a product.
  • The main aim is to hold readers for as long as possible on their website because it enhances their SERP or allow them to convert readers into customers.

Article spinner is used to get content, which is new and fresh. Thus same message is delivered with different words again and again.

Benefits of article spinning

  • Each directory gets an article with original words, which is not available across the internet, currently.
  • Writer gets an opportunity to rank well on Google, if the writer scatters relevant keywords properly for search engine bots.

Search crawlers have gone smart, in the past years and can block spun articles. However, there are several ways you can spin content without suffering any consequences.

How to spin articles?

  • Choose headings, sentences, and paragraphs.
  • Rewrite several versions, to get better spin.
  • Select perfect replacement of phrases and words with synonyms in the program.
  • Some article rewriter programs allow users to ad their personal synonyms in the database.
  • Now, spin again and again.
  • Read all the versions carefully.
  • If any word or phrase seems strange or stilted adjust them.
  • Ensure that all the spun versions flow well for the readers to enjoy.

Tips to spin articles accurately without damaging your site ranking

  • Make sure to recreate minimal 30% spun articles using different synonymous words without altering the keywords selected as tags for your website.
  • Ensure to write articles that interest people and influence them to click on your link to search for more useful information on your site.
  • Multiple copies of the same article can be submitted to other relevant websites and blogs, thus creating a backlink to your site. It will enhance your websites PR and improve your bottom line.
  • To create new versions of a single article make use of a personal article rewrite program. You get to mould it according to your style and add personal synonyms.
  • Avoid creating your original article using a spinner program.
  • Remember to proofread your spun article, before submitting. As the spun content has word substitution, which is based on dictionary definitions, it can be difficult to read, at times.
  • Never submit two spin article versions to same article directory. Readers will find it unacceptable to find another spin version in same directory. You can get black listed, so never mess with article directories.
  • Manually submit spun versions one after another to your preferred article directories.

Article submission is crucial for website promotion and with a reliable article spinning software it turns into a powerful marketing tool. Use it appropriately to enhance SEO ranking.

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