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Bedazzle with your Bangles – Get to Know Different Designs

Bangles are classy and chic accessories that defines the style statement of a woman. Gold bangles are staple of any woman’s jewelry box and there are various styles of gold bangles available in the market.

Moreover, in a country like India that has rich and strong cultural heritage, bangles hold a special place. More or less females of all age group will flaunt it with both western and traditional outfits.

How to buy bangles online?

Gold bangles are available in different karats. There are 18 karat, 22 karat and 24 karat gold bangles. The 18 karat and the 22 karats are good for daily use. You can check any online store for daily wear gold bangles designs with price and select according to the time and occasion. Daily wear bangles are usually sleek so that they are easy to manage during the hustle and bustle of the day.

Also, you can buy bangles online from various web stores at a discounted price on the contemporary and traditional designs. While you are buying gold make sure the brand is providing you with certificate of authenticity and the original bill with stamp.

Therefore, choosing a bangle should be done carefully. There are some styles that are available in the market. Let us check them:


These bangles are wide in shape and comes with hinges. It can be worn by all and since it is hinged the sizing is not an issue. Kadas are usually artisanal pieces because they are handmade with intricate designs and detailed patterns. At times these kadas also come with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies to complement the look and the attire. These days you will also get kadas with geometric designs which look chic and modern. They can be teamed both with western and indo western wear.

Antique polish bangles

These are in huge demand among fashion enthusiasts as the look is subtle and stands out perfectly with another outfit. This antique polish is very rare to find and the patterns are usually embedded within the bangles and not carved out. These do not have very shiny or glossy look. It has a matte effect with a touch of sheen. Sometimes these are studded with uncut diamonds to give a complete understated look.

Sleek bangles

These bangles are a favorite among the young crowd. They are thin and also comes with hinges, if ordered. It has its own charm and is loved by everyone. These bangles can be teamed up with wrist watches or even stacks of different bangles.

Urban bangles

These bangles are of geometrical shape. They can be square, hexagonal, triangle or even star shaped.


Bangles are a must for a bride in their marriage and no bridal look is complete without bangles. Bangles have appeared throughout the history. You can find them in archaeological museums as well. The style and the motifs of the bangle have obviously changed but the concept remains the same.

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