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How Can Addiction Affect Your Brain? Important Things About It You Didn’t Know Yet

Addiction includes craving for anything very intensely, loss of control as a result of its use, and continuous involvement with it even after its adverse consequences. Addiction greatly changes brain, first by subverting the actual way in which it registers the pleasure and after that by corrupting normal drives including motivation and learning. While it is true that breaking any addiction is normally tough, it can definitely be done. What can cause addiction? The term “addiction” is basically derived from Latin term meaning “bound to” or “enslaved by”. Anyone having a great struggle to overcome any addiction or has tried to help anyone else to do it can understand why addiction is caused. Addiction usually exerts powerful and long influence on brain that manifest in 3 different ways. They are as follows.

  • Craving for object of addiction
  • Loss of the control over its continuous use
  • Continuous involvement despite its adverse consequences

Experts previously believed that only powerful drugs and alcohol can cause addiction. However, many research studies showed that some of the pleasurable activities including shopping, gambling, sex, etc can even co-opt the brain. How can addiction develop? Human brain is complex organ that controls every voluntary as well as involuntary action that we make. Our brain controls the basic motor skills, emotions, heart as well as breathing rates, decision making, behavior, and much more. There is a part of brain that is responsible for addiction. The name of it is called limbic system. It is sometimes even referred to as “brain reward system” that is responsible for generating feelings of pleasure. When any person consumes an addictive substance, this system releases chemicals that make the user feel good. It ultimately encourages the habitual substance abuse. The involuntary, overwhelming need to use a substance regardless of harm it might cause is due to the changes that occur in brain reward system. After that, feeding that addiction becomes number one priority of the addict. Activating brain reward system Drug have the compounds that can temporarily activate the functioning of brains. Activating this system using drugs will lead to addiction. The brain reward system is activated naturally when participation is made in the action that is good for us. We have natural ability to adapt as well as to survive. Whenever anything activates this system, our brain assumes that something essential to the survival is happening. After that, the brain rewards this behavior by producing feelings of pleasure. For instance, drinking water when we get thirsty activates the reward system so we tend to repeat this type of behavior. Addictive substances hijack the system that can cause feelings of pleasure for the actions that are harmful. Unfortunately, these addictive substances can have stronger effect on the brain reward system. Dopamine plays a crucial role in reward system. It is natural chemical in brain that sends signals to limbic system. Drug and alcohol addiction can be effectively and safely treated in numerous ways. Convincing your loved one to go to best rehab centers in Nebraska can be an ideal way to help them.

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