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Casting Directors – What Are Their Roles And Responsibilities


Every actor whether an experienced professional or otherwise needs to know about the casting directors. A casting director or a casting agency does not represent an actor. A talent agency or an agent or a manager represents an actor, but an opportunity for an audition and auditioning and selection is done by the casting director or the casting agency. A casting director is someone that will select you for a role and it shows their importance for your career.

Who are casting directors?

The producers hire a casting director or a casting agency to search and hire in other words cast the talent for their show. The agents representing the actors send resumes and the photographs to a casting director or a casting agency. The casting director then chooses actors from auditions, for various roles.

How do they collect talent data?

A casting director receives the requirements from the producers. They start a search for talents through resumes sent to them by agents and from online talent databases like Voicebank.net, Castingnetworks.com. The databases are specially made as per specific requirements such as

  • net contains talents for voiceover work
  • com contains talents for commercials
  • com contains data for television and films.

Apart from these they also receive resumes and photos from talents themselves and from managers or agents representing the talents, for specific talent auditions.

Shortlisting and auditions

The casting director or agency then goes through the data to shortlist candidates as per the role requirements. This task is daunting when a casting director is looking for talents for a big film production house. They literally go through thousands of resumes, their promos, photos, demos, etc. to shortlist the candidates.

The primary stage of interviews is normally handled by assistants that make a final short list. The casting director then starts a series of call back auditions to get a perfect candidate for each role. The final decision rests with the clients such as producers, directors, etc. During the final auditions there are a series of solo and group interviews by a panel containing the clients and the casting director to judge the level of comfort and chemistry between the selected actors.

Need and importance of a casting director

A casting agency or a casting director works as a bridge between the client and the talents. A client will need a team of experts, just for casting and it’s impossible for them to screen and choose a suitable candidate. So they outsource the work to a casting agency.

Casting directors are usually ex-actors who know all the established actors and keep track of any new entrant who is talented and getting popular. If the client requires a specific actor for a key role, they usually instruct the casting director for the same.

The work of a casting agency or director is an important part of entertainment industry. A casting agency like Amy Gossels casting thrives on their experience and casting. Amy Gossels is renowned for their casting work and their workshops to train talents in the art of fearlessly facing the auditions.

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