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How to Celebrate One’s 10th Wedding Anniversary

Every wedding anniversary is an occasion to celebrate. Ten years of married life needs a special celebration. It marks ten years of companionship, fidelity, survival of many battles together and the hope of lifelong love and commitment.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate a tenth wedding anniversary:

  • Stick to tradition:

Keep up with traditional themes, whether to host a party or gift each other. The traditional colour of this anniversary is Silver or Blue. Traditional flowers of this anniversary are daffodils. Traditional gemstones are sapphires and diamonds. Modern gift theme is diamond jewellery and traditional gift theme is aluminium or tin. Check with those who deliver flowers in Jaipur India whether they can supply daffodils for your big day.

  • Throw a party:

Host a party with decorations themed on daffodils, cake, presents and invitations. Invite family and friends. Decorate a hall with themes of blue, silver and daffodils or hire a professional decorator. Arrange a special cake for the occasion. Consider different options for drinks and food. Run a slide show for all to see, capturing special moments of your 10 years together.

  • Intimate celebration:

Avoid the party and choose to celebrate the day alone, in each other’s company. Enjoy a romantic candle light dinner. Dance together to your special song and exchange some special gifts like diamond jewellery or tin photo frames.

  • Go on a vacation:

Plan a vacation which you always wanted to go for. Take care to make early plans so you can avail of deals and discounts offered by hotels and airlines. Go through carefully details of your hotels, package deals and all activities entailed on the trip. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Take a cruise trip:

A cruise trip is the ultimate in luxury and romance.  Sharing a cruise trip is the fruition of dreams for many couples. Do lots of research from friends and online sources about the best deal in the market. It is good to plan early for this endeavour.

  • Host a family dinner:

If you have a tight budget but want quality time, invite close friends and family to a quiet, intimate dinner. Decorate your home with daffodils, real or faux and bring out your best table ware. Arrange a special meal whether home cooked or bought from outside. Do a spring cleaning of your home and arrange a slide show of best memories of last 10 years.

  • Activities:

Your plans for celebrating your anniversary will depend much on when it happens to be. In warm weather, it is good to plan an outdoor adventure or a picnic in a park. In winter, you can make some fun plans like skiing in snow clad mountain slopes. Snuggle together, watching a movie or dance away the night to a playlist of top songs of the year. Re-visit the places where you spent as a newlywed or where you honey mooned. Crux is that no matter what you do, what counts is that you have each other for company. The most romantic couple may also like to renew their wedding vows followed by a grand party or a small, intimate gathering. Order anniversary cakes online to make for an amazing event.

These are some top ideas for celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary.

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