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Do Conferences Really Provide Brand Awareness, Or Are There Other Benefits?

It’s easy to overlook the immense marketing potential of conferences. After all, they can be exhausting to travel to, and the speaker sessions can get somewhat repetitive and monotonous. Rest assured, however, that there really is a point to conferences. Not only are they a great way to increase brand awareness, but they come replete with other advantages too, like networking! Let’s look at some of these advantages.

Brand awareness, of course

The key reason businesses often fail to create brand awareness at conferences is their lack of demonstrations. If you’re going to a conference, be prepared to show off your products. Get a booth or table, and showcase your products. If you’re handing out giveaways, put them in branded conference bags created specifically for the event. By having your own booth, you’re telling the world at large “hey, we exist” and that you’re serious about your investment in your own business. Plus, remember than audiences at conferences tend to be extremely engaged. They’re likelier to display an interest in your product than other audiences would be, so have something ready for them.

You can create an image as an expert

Ask the organizers of the event if you can join a debate or panel, or give a speech. There’s a good chance that they’ll say yes if you make a convincing case for why you’d be interesting up on stage or behind a podium. You’ll be able to reach a lot more people than you could have done handing out cards. Plus, people tend to trust the ones holding a microphone. By going up on stage and expressing yourself, you’ll be able to cultivate an image of yourself as an expert in your field. Does your brand sell wearable technology? You’ll automatically become the brand owner to go to in order to solve a problem related to this.


Conferences allow you to come face to face with hundreds of colleagues in your industry.Trade shows and conferences are where you can make industry friends. They’re the ideal place to forge some contacts and make good connections. You can also scope out what you competitors are up to by attending their booths or presentations.

While attending these booths, if your marketing budget allows, you can ask to be a sponsor. Let’s find out more.

You can sponsor

Conferences are usually sponsored by official media partners, corporations and the like. If your marketing budget can cover it, ask if you can be a sponsor too. No company will have access to prime brand and logo placement like sponsors do, especially since  logo can be plastered all over conference materials. This means that more people will recognise your brand and the materials will reach more exposure. And remember what we said above about speaking at the event? Sponsors are likelier to be able to avail of those, as well as media opportunities and VIP receptions. The hosting organization will probably even endorse your business if you ask. All of this should serve to elevate your brand for a period of time that extends the conference itself.

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