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What Is the Difference Between Green Diesel and Biodiesel Fuel?

The language of fuel is ever-changing as technology and energy continue to develop and grow around green energy and what it looks like. Diesel fuel is no exception to the conversation, whether you’re burning it yourself or toting it in diesel exhaust fluid transfer tanks. For those working in trucking, or who operate machinery that’s dependent on diesel fuel, it’s important to understand what the difference is between green diesel and biodiesel in the clean energy conversation.

What Exactly Is Green Diesel?

The goal in creating green diesel is in removing some of the harmful quirks of diesel that get transmitted into the air as exhaust when it burns. It is processed from organisms that were recently alive, and hydrogen is added to the chemical composition of the diesel in order to achieve this cleaner burning of fuel.

This type of fuel is the most efficient, burns the cleanest, and causes no damage to your fuel system. All of these factors combined make it the best kind of diesel fuel for your engine and for the environment, so it’s important to distinguish it from other types of fuel that may sound similar, including biodiesel.

What about Biodiesel?

This fuel is also produced from organic matter, and is often referred to as fatty acid methyl ester, or FAME. Vegetable and animal fats are used in creating this type of fuel, in conjunction with methanol or ethanol, although ethanol is cheaper and therefore more commonly used.

Biodiesel is not compatible with all engines, and it can damage fuel systems over time that weren’t designed to work with it. It can cause an excess buildup of carbon in the engine. The lack of a standard in biodiesel fuel across countries makes measuring the health and effectiveness of this fuel tricky, but the overall consensus is that it isn’t the most compatible with your engine, and decreases its lifespan. It can also freeze easily at low temperatures, while green diesel does not have this issue.

For Your Engine, and for the Earth

It’s clear that green diesel is a prime choice for green fuel over biodiesel in your trucks and machinery. It can help ensure a healthier, longer life for your machinery, and for the environment itself. From filling up, to considering the right diesel exhaust fluid transfer tanks, bear in mind how green diesel burns cleaner and greener. Make the smarter choice for your engine, and the air.

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