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How to Effectively Use Bungee Cords for Hauling

Moving day has come. You’re ready to secure your belongings in your truck and carry them to your new home, load by load. However, you need to make sure you have an effective way to secure all of these things. Road laws prohibit you from travelling with an unsecured load, so you need something that will keep everything secure without creating a hassle for you when you’re ready to unpack later. That’s where shock cord is your answer. This is a single, stretchy cord with a hook at either end for securing purposes. It is perfect for quickly strapping down light items or keeping a trunk closed for the trip. Knowing how to use this versatile tool will ensure you smooth transition every time you need to move.

Basic Applications of Shock Cord

Bungee shock cord is used for securing items, typically in the back of a car, truck or similar vehicle where you can’t have things moving around or flying out of the back in transit. They can hold down coolers and other smaller items, but can also be used for larger industrial equipment, such as all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. They are also extremely handy for kayaks, canoes and tarps. If you have something in your trunk that is preventing it from closing all the way, simply attach a bungee cord and hold it closed. These small, but surprisingly strong cords make traveling and transporting a piece of cake.

Attaching and Detaching Made Easy

Shock cord comes with a few different options for securing. The majority have an S-shaped hook on either end that attaches easily to the item, either through a handle, grommet or otherwise, and then, in turn, to your truck, trailer, roof rack or cargo carrier. If an S-shape doesn’t work for your need, look at the other options that include carabiners, circular loops or even plastic-lined hooks that are going to be less abrasive on your vehicle. A con of the S-shape hook is that sometimes the cord between can go slack, and you risk losing the support. Other fastening mechanisms eliminate this risk and are thus favored for more delicate cargo.

Consider Length and Shape

Depending on what you’re hauling, you need to consider the length and shape of your shock cord. Most places will offer it in lengths ranging from one foot to four feet, but you can always hook two or more cords together if you need more length. Additionally, because items are sometimes oddly shaped, you might need to invest in flat cord, rather than the standard round, so it doesn’t slip right over the item’s edges. To make sure you get the cord that will get the job done most efficiently and safely, talk to the seller and explain what you’ll be hauling. He or she will be able to help you find the right cord and cut the length you need.

Stay Safe on the Road

If you lose an item on the road, it could hit another driver or cause a traffic hazard. Make sure all your cargo is secured and you’re following all road rules so moving day can be as hassle-free and safe as possible.

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