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General Information On Alimony Payments After Separating From Your Spouse

Alimony payments, spousal support and spousal maintenance payment are some of the terms, which are used for describing the alimony that is given to the married women by her ex husband after divorce. It is a legal obligation that is needed to be paid usually by the married man to his recently legally separated wife.

What is the motive for providing such legal financial support?

This kind of monetary support helps in maintaining the same financial status of non- employed or lower income receiving spouse. Till the recipient of the alimony becomes self supporting, the other ex spouse needs to pay the alimony.

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The three different ways of paying alimony:

  • As a lump sum

The amount is basically fixed by the court, needed to be paid before the time period mentioned in the divorce sanctioning legal papers mainly by the spouse, who was till now responsible for providing financial support to the family.

  • As a regular payment

Like a monthly payment or after every six months the payment is done. This mode of payment continues permanently.

  • Temporary alimony

This kind of payment continues in regular interval till the receiver of the alimony finds a mode to be financially strong.

Why alimony plays a great role in the process of divorce?

  • The financial needs of the family are totally a concern of one person. In most of the divorce cases, the man of the house, also known as the husband, looks after the financial matters. In case of divorce, the family‚Äôs financial status should be maintained. Hence, alimony is provided to the needed person after the divorce.
  • In innumerable homes, wife as well as mother of the children has sacrificed their jobs and career for the well being of their children. Thus, they totally depend upon their husband to provide the financial stability for the smooth running of their life. While divorce case is in proceeding and she still remains unemployed, the court states the husband to provide alimony.

When do the alimony payments end?

  • When the receiver of the payment finds a job and becomes financially stable.
  • In case the ex spouse receiving the alimony remarries.
  • Children are capable enough to earn money.
  • Only till the kids need caring of a parent the whole time.

The amount of alimony can change in duration of time. Consulting a good family lawyer will be of great help, since they help to decrease the amount in variable situations. While the divorce is finalized, usually the judge decides the amount to be paid as alimony to the financially non stable spouse.

The factors responsible for the change in amount are:

  • If there is any change in the laws newly adapted.
  • Children no longer need financial support of their parent.
  • The ex spouse providing the alimony retires from job.

In case your ex-spouse fails to provide the alimony payment on time or totally denies paying the fixed amount, then receiver ex-spouse can file a complaint in family court. To know more about alimony settlements, visit the links formatted by some great lawyers.

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