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Impact of Positive and Negative Reviews – Steps to Handle Online Bad Reviews

Consumer reviews are actually personal recommendations, which can affect your online reputation. People make a decision of buying or using your brand, after they read reviews online. Overtime comments, testimonials, and reviews have gradually become a vital part of online businesses.

Survey results display that good and bad reviews online affects the popularity, product awareness, number of sales, conversion rates, and profitability of your brand. Moreover, job seekers depend on review sites to evaluate a potential employer or workplace.

Positive review impacts

  • Increases the possibility of customers spending more cash
  • Excessive positive reviews improves the odds of convincing consumers to pay extra
  • Boosts business revenue
  • Increases consumer trust and loyalty
  • Survey shows that more than 80% consumers rely on online reviews for making a buying or hiring decision

Negative review impact

  • Damages the trustworthiness, prestige, and profitability of a business
  • One bad review drives away 1/4th % of consumers and 3 dreadful comments push away 60% customers
  • People feel uncertain to buy from business with many negative reviews or no comments
  • Around 60% job seekers avoid applying to a business with one-star rating, whereas negative review can totally dissuades them from applying

A bad review pop up, during Google searches and takes away your business. Even a negative feedback can affect your future recruiting, besides business development.

How to handle negative online reviews?

An employee associated with an employer, who received bad online review can feel powerless because they hardly have an alternative to defend themselves. Employers can take the following steps to handle such negative scenarios.

Make a request

Request your employees to periodically give feedback to their management. Include review site’s link in employee newsletter, so they can actively and comfortably respond. Ask job applicants verbally to leave review, after an interview. All this will increase the overall positivity and weaken negative reviews.

Respond to positive and negative reviews

Employers are given a chance to respond on the review sites, which must not be taken for granted. Nobody appreciates bad reviews but optimistic people believe to harness them for good. However, it needs to be handled properly.

Negative review needs quick response. Potential buyers and job seekers take a note of how businesses take action towards such reviews. Response needs to be prompt and polite. It needs to show that you care about consumers and employee opinions. It can help to minimize the bad comments impact.

Resolve the problem offline and post a brief update

Avoid getting engaged in detailed discussions online. Respond non-defensively. Show you are listening. Discuss the issue promptly with your employee offline, if possible. Let the disgruntled employee know how thankful you are for valuable feedback and will be pleased to meet him/her for a detailed discussion.

As soon as, the issue gets resolved leave a small update like, ‘It was good speaking to you and am glad, we could work out this problem’.

If you suspect that a defamatory review is left by a gnome then you will need to do some recourse. No one can remove bad Google review but certainly have it analyzed for legitimacy.

Limitations of review sites for job seekers

Review sites are the best tool to get inside details like workplace environment or salary reports but they need to be familiar with potential limitations like negativity bias and inaccurate data.

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