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Important Tips To Follow When Laying Turf In Cold Season

Many garden owners believe that winter is not the right time to lay turf. According to the experts, it is the best time for not just lawncare but also turfing. All it requires is to be brave to face short days, chilly damp air, and muddy boots.  With these accessories, you can accomplish several major gardening tasks in this season.

Get good quality accessories

Invest in high quality gardening gloves. You can buy 2 to 3 pairs of these gloves. They will not just keep your palms and fingers dry but also warm and cozy all the time. Once you feel comfortable, you can put good amount of efforts.

Click on http://buyturfonline.co.uk to check on the products offered by one of the renowned turf laying company in the UK. They have a consistent track record for harvesting in the cold season. Reputable landscapers at this company efficiently prepare your soil at just a moderate fee. They work fast without leaving a mess to clean up.

Seek assistance

It has been seen that in the winter season, the ground is little bit harder. This requires more effort on your part. Also, the rolls of turf weigh more. Turf laying is more tiring in cold season than in any other season of the year. If you get assistance, then it can definitely ease your work. You can complete more work in less time. Also, you need to take care of your back as lifting heavy turf may injure your back.

Learn about the weather condition

Before placing an order for a turf, you need to get a weather forecast. Be ready to make a slight amendment in your plan as per the weather conditions. This is because if the landscape is too waterlogged or frozen, then the harvesting machinery can’t raise the turf. This implies that you would need to defer your delivery.

Use laying boards

Soil compaction is the major reason for issues with mature lawns. It results in poor drainage, restricted root runs, and moss related infestations.

Walking on the soil that is prepared for turfing can compact the soil. This situation can become unavoidable in winter season as the soil is wet. The possibilities of compaction are greater in this season. With the help of laying boards, you can spread the weight over a large area to lower the damage that your feet can do.

Turf laying board is one of the essential tools to perform turfing. This is required when you step on a newly laid lawn. These laying boards can be obtained at a cheap price from online stores.

Don’t lay turf on a frozen ground

If the soil that you have prepared for turfing is white with frost or frozen solid, then you must leave it alone. You can store turf in a rolled-up state for three to four days easily in cold weather. This would prevent a lot of anxiety.


These are some of the top tips to lay turf in the cold weather months. Laying turf in winter also paves the path for painting fences, growing seeds, and relaxing in the summer season.

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