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Do You Know About Various Freelance Writing Jobs Available?

Most of us believe that freelance writing jobs are limited to the web and magazines only. However, you will be surprised to know that there are plenty of other avenues available too for freelance writers. So, if you have required writing skill and enough talent in you then you can make decent living by writing on different forums and manage to make your living.

Here is a list of different freelance writing jobs available and we will touch upon few of them with little more detail.

  1. Content writing on web
  2. Sales promotion writing on web
  3. Writing blogs
  4. Freelance ghostwriting jobs
  5. Writing as news reporter
  6. As a column writer in Newspaper
  7. Feature writer in magazines and newspapers
  8. Freelance writer for magazine
  9. Catalog writing jobs
  10. Corporate copywriting jobs
  11. Advertising copywriter job
  12. Real estate writing jobs
  13. Grant writing jobs
  14. Non-profit writing jobs
  15. Essay writing jobs
  16. Business plan writing
  17. Press release writing
  18. Technical writing
  19. E-book writing
  20. Book writing job
  21. Legal writing
  22. Resume writing
  23. Annual report writing
  24. Writing for in-flight magazines
  25. Writing for trade magazines
  26. Instruction manual writing
  27. Research report writing
  28. Speech writing

Now let us discuss a few writing jobs in detail and how one can get such jobs.

Content writing job in the web

This kind of job has become quite popular after the internet technology has been developed. Since many companies these days have to create their own websites, they need good writers to write about their company, business and many other details that can help in promoting their business. These writers have to use certain special keywords very strategically in the content so that if someone wants to search a website by using those keywords then their website will appear in the top of the list in search engine results.

This will eventually lead to more traffic to their website and automatically it will help them to reach their prospects.

If you are interested in such jobs then you can visit various websites and look for the link “write for us” or “jobs”. Different websites have their own criteria to select the writers. However, before accepting their job you must read their terms and conditions too. Few websites pay very little as compared to the efforts and time spent by you.

Writing blogs

You will come across many blogs written on various subjects on the internet. Some of the bloggers are quite popular on the net and earn a decent income. Many companies have also realized the potential of blogging as it can really help in promoting their business and they always look for bloggers for their company.

You can find plenty of blogging jobs on the internet. Initially, however you will get very little amount of money for blog writing. However, if your blog can create more traffic for the website then you may be offered traffic bonus as an incentive, which may give you good earning.

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