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How Quantum Touch Energy Healing Works

Healing is a complex process, and how the body’s many parts work together to help mend and build and balance you are truly quite extraordinary. There are many types of self-healing, and different ways to help stimulate that process for your body. Certain prescriptions function in this way, and so do alternative medicines such as quantum touch energy healing.

Wait, What Is Quantum Touch Healing?

Before you get too caught up in the name, let’s consider where it comes from. Have you ever heard of chi? Chi is considered the essence or life-force of humans, believed in ancient Chinese to be a vital part of what forms all living things. A more western-minded person may think of chi in terms of a person’s spirit or spiritual energy. Quantum Touch Energy Healing focuses on this aspect of healing the self, the spiritual healing and wholeness, achieved by combining a wide range of breathing, meditative and touch exercises.

What You’ll Learn in a Touch Healing Workshop

The great thing about experiencing a touch energy healing workshop is that it’s stocked full of simple, methodical steps that you can use to help you long after the class is over. You’ll participate in simple breathing and body awareness exercises that will help you to focus and to relax. You’ll learn techniques intended to help you decrease the body’s inflammation, and that will help with bone alignment and health. The focus of a class will be on life-force energy, or chi, as it is connected to chakras, toning and vortexing—all integral aspects of your body’s energy health.

What Are Some Benefits of This Teaching?

There can be a wide range of benefits for individuals that undergo energy healing practices. A general sense of restfulness or at-ease can be a side-effect of this practice, but some patients experience more drastic benefits. Body pain and inflammation may find itself reduced or disappearing, such as gut pain or headaches or even back and joint pain. This points to a commonly held belief, that physical manifestations of pain can sometimes be fully or partially linked to emotional, mental, or personal energy imbalance in the body. It’s amazing to realize how integrated our bodies are in mind, body and spirit, and to see how treating all aspects of oneself can help to bring about change that lasts.

If you are experience a sense of emotional imbalance, distinct physical pains, or even the harsh symptoms of chronic and incurable diseases, planning a visit to integrative energy healing practitioners could be just what you need!

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