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Few Things to Know Before You Order Custom Printed Bags

Nowadays custom grocery bags are a great way to promote any business by printing the logo or name of the company on such bags. This is a very convenient source of advertisement.

However, if you are considering such custom printed bags then you also need to understand the process of production of such bags and how to order them. Many people often order based on only the price and as a result they end up getting an inferior product that eventually costs more in the longer run. Therefore, you have to keep in mind the following few things so that you can order the best quality of custom print bags.

  1. Decide the purpose of the bag and also the type for your business

All bags are in fact meant for carrying certain items however their function may vary as per the intended use. Some of the specific uses are:

  • Retail/shopping

It must be roomy and easier to carry and it must preferably must have suitable handle

  • Mailer bag

Something that is needed for streamlined shipping

  • Lay flat

Such bags can encase any kind of pamphlets and are usually without any handle

  • Industrial

It is available in different sizes and configuration that are used to contain various products.

  • Snap handle

Reliable and strong handles are needed during any trade show and retail   marketing.

  • Drawstring

Such bags have sporty look and can be used for many different purposes.

  • T-shirt

Smaller size and sturdy handle

  • Non-woven polypropylene

These bags are a popular choice and often used as reward in retail marketing.

2.Quantity of bags

Following are two options based on which the quantity can be decided.

  • Post printed

For printing limited quantity and rest can be printed as per the requirement

  • Inline production

For high volume bags, it can be mass printed

With post printing option, you can get few quantities of bags printed which needs shorter lead times however the cost of printing may be more. Inline printing is generally meant for larger quantity where high volume printing can be done at cheaper cost with better quality.

3.  Requirements of ink colors

The cost of printing will also depend upon how many different kinds of inks are used for printing on the bags. Following are few options:

  • If one or two different colors are needed to then you can go for post printing for limited quantity of bags
  • If you want to use multiple colors up to ten different colors then you can prefer inline printing method
  • 4. How much weight to be carried.

The bag that you choose must be strong enough to accommodate and carry the necessary items inside without getting punctured. Therefore, make sure that the weight carrying capacity of the bag is properly known.

Following guidelines can be used

  • For economical packaging to carry lightweight use 1 to 1.25 mil bags
  • Shipping, storing or displaying regular items use 1.5 mil to 2 mil bags
  • Supporting and protecting abrasive or heavy items use 3 to 4 mils
  • For carrying heavier item use 6 mil bags.

After deciding on these points, you can order the bags.



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