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Tips on How to Purchase a Television Set In 2018

If you have been thinking of buying a new television set, then New Year is the best time for it. This is the time when several brands come up with lucrative offers and schemes to entice customers. Different television sets come in different price range, features and size. Sometimes without enough knowledge on television set, people fall into the trap of mis-selling.

Which are the most appropriate television models on the basis of features?

If you are confused which should be your ideal television then below are some of the top-rated models based on its features.

  • Best image quality if price is not an issue: Series OLED TV – Model LG B7A
  • Best image quality all screen sizes except 55-inches: Vizio M series
  • Best image quality for television with screen size of 55 inches only: TCL 55P607
  • Top basic model television for small screen size, e., 40 inches and smaller: TCL S305 series
  • Best basic model television for medium sized screen size between 43 inches to 55 inches: TCL S405 series
  • Best basic television for big screen, e., 60-inch and large: Vizio E series

Timeless rules to buy a TV

Wait till the holidays to get the television at the best price

It has been seen that prices of television sets remain low during holiday season. One should definitely make the best use of this opportunity. The best day to buy a television is the “Black Friday,” that comes after “Thanksgiving” in the US. This is the best day to get amazing Black Friday price reduction.

For popular Sony television sets, one can get price reduction of around 20 % to 40 % compared to their prices at the time of the release. It is best to wait for this time than to spend money foolishly.

Don’t pay attention to most of the specifications

Many of the television sets often come with the sheet of specification. This sheet provides list of technical terms that can confuse you. Many of these terms can seem like alien to you. Without proper knowledge can make you a fool. A salesperson can use your ignorance as an advantage to sell you an expensive TV set with unnecessary high-end features built into it.

So, the tip is to ignore the marketing terminologies that salesperson uses to get customers buy into their marketing strategies. CompareRaja.in is India’s leading and authentic price comparison engine that covers several categories of electronic devices such as tablets, mobiles, laptops, cameras, e-books. This is the best place to compare the prices of different LED models.

“Bigger is better” is true

If you are looking for a television set, then you should go for a bigger size. Experts recommend buyers to buy a TV set of a minimum size of 40 inches for their bedroom. A TV set of 55 inches is best suited for a living room. One can also go for TV set of 65 inches or more to get a spectacular viewing experience. Features like HDR, 4K resolution, a fancy remote, or smart TV gives the best value for your money.


Television buying can be a valuable investment if you are well prepared and informed. These tips will definitely prove to be useful in buying the new television set at the right price.

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