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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Pearls New For Ever

Pearls are a valued possession and they can be your companion for whole life if you take some minimum care for them. You actually need not to rush to the stores periodically to polish your pearls to keep them new, rather you just need to implement some changes into your habit to ensure that your pearl jewelries last forever without losing their appearance in anyway.  This article will provide you with the top 5 tips to keep your pearl jewelries new, always.

  1. Pearls can be damaged by the chemicals present in makeups. So, make it sure that your pearl jewelries never comes in direct contact of your foundation or finishing powder. It is best suggested to put on your pearl jewelries only after you have completed your makeup and the makeup products have been absorbed into your skin.
  1. Products used for hairstyling can be highly damaging for your pearls. Even a slight touch of the hairstyling gel or a single spray of the hair setter can damage your pearls permanently. So, always ensure that in no way these chemicals come in contact with your pearls. You can do that easily by putting on your pearl jewelries only after you are completely done with dressing up.


  1. Even the most expensive perfumes can be highly harmful for pearls. They can destroy the shine of the pearls permanently and can even cause chipping. Body sprays and deodorants also have similar kind of effect on pearls. So, never make the mistake to spray some perfume on your pearl jewelry while putting the perfume on.
  1. Always make it a point to clean your pearl jewelries with soft cotton before storing them. Any dust or dirt can damage the pearls if they continue to stay on the pearls for long. Even perspiration can have damaging effects on pearls. So, after you have taken off your pearl jewelries, which should be the first thing after getting back home, you must make it a point to clean them with soft cotton without rubbing hard. Then leave them to get dried naturally and store them only after they have dried completely.
  1. Never store your pearl jewelries with other jewelries. Pearls are soft, and they can easily get a scratch by the stones or metals of other jewelries. Also make it a point that the pearl jewelry does not get folded or pressed tightly when you store them. This will ensure that your pearls are kept in best condition. Pearl jewelries sold from renowned stores like  also come with their own maintenance and storage guide.

So, if you want to keep your pearl jewelries looking new always, follow the five above tips by heart and your pearl jewelries will have a longer life.

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