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Top Gold Chains for Men that Hip Hop Gave Us

Whenever someone talks about gold chains, the first thing that comes to my mind is undoubtedly, Hip Hop. This music genre is something close to my heart because I know those people who made something out of themselves from the scratch. Hip hop originated from Cuba and has a long history with Black men, and I’m not being racist here when I say “black men” I’m trying to prove a point. The point is that those rappers fought slavery, poverty,prejudiceand emerged as victors. And sometimes, it makes me wonder maybe that is the reason they flaunt their wealth so blatantly.

We have all seen rappers swathed in gold chains that have become characteristic to the Hip Hop genre. This article is about some of the finest and splendid gold chain designs for men that the world of hip hop has given us. This list is in no particular order.

The Cash Money Record Chain

This exquisite Cash Money Record Chain was sported by Birdman and has an estimated worth of $20,000. Birdman is considered legendry in the world of hip hop and this chain is included in the daily wear men’s gold chain because it is so light and nothing screams wealth like Cash Money Record in gold.

The 10 Commandments Chain

Bun B’s 10 commandments chain is one of the iconic hip hop chains ever. It has an estimated worth of $40,000. The meaning behind this chain is that it’s probably telling the world the laws of man and life. This makes the list due to the white gold combination that he rocked, which is quite hard to do and the handmade men’s gold chain which accompanied the pendant.

The Boss Hogg Outlawz’ Logo Chains

These chains are the ultimate crew goals and the perfect example of heavy men’s gold chains because these chains were the real deal. The estimates worth of the Outlawz’ logo chains is $20,000. The chains were made in different colors and had the name of each artist engraved on them separately. The Boss Hogg Outlawz Logo Chains were ridiculously heavy yet KillaKyleon wasspotted wearing all the chainsat once.

The Rich Yung Chain

Fabolous’ Rich Yung Chain is the biggest chain sported by a rapper and has an estimated worth of $75,000. The pendant had two huge wings made of gold and white gold, the combination was perfect for the wings.It represented the desire for freedom. And if this chain was to make a statementabout freedom, then it totally conveyed the message.

If you are interested in knowing more about these chains then you should browse the internet, also many websites on the internet give accurate information about gold chain design for men with price. You should visit those websites if you want more in-depth information about these chains and their worth. Additionally, you will find many more creative hip hop chains that made an impact on the people, these are only a few examples.

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