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Understanding Your Audience for Social Media Marketing

A great way to expand your business to the public is through social media marketing. By making promotions of your website and blog topics on popular social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, you are guaranteed to reach more people, but you have to maintain a set strategy to succeed. Other companies have adapted tactics over the years to obtain more followers and people off the internet, so it is important to ask some of these questions before you begin:

Who Is My Audience?

While you do not want to isolate too many people from your website, you do want to have a set audience to reach out to. Adapt your tone and language to better match your age and target demographic, and see what parts of your company you think that this audience would be the most interested in. It can have a drastic effect on your tone and content, so you want to make sure that this audience gets the idea that you want to talk to them.

What Do These People Look Up?

A great way to get the right people to spot you is by using key terminology or subjects. Check out what other sites have done that people could search frequently on Google. Having key words or topics leads to an increase in search engine optimization, which means more people are likely to find your website by typing in common questions or terminology rather than just your company name.

What Is Popular Right Now?

See if anything is trending in your particular field and hop on the bandwagon. This could range from putting an extra focus on an item or action that your competition has been doing to bringing up recent news stories about your practice. For example, if you are law firm that specializes in motor vehicle accidents, it might not be a bad idea to link recent news article from a car crash to help remind any potential victims that they have legal action to pursue in those scenarios.

How Many Platforms Do I Want?

It can be difficult juggling so many social media sites all at once, but it might be worth it in the long run. Plenty of people prefer one site over the other, so even if they do not catch you on Facebook, they may be able to spot your posts on Twitter. Just make sure you maintain enough balance between the sites you are using for this, and then you will have a successful social media marketing plan.

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