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What to Know About Oculoplastic Surgeons

Oculoplastic surgery is a group of procedures that are focused on the eye region. The eye and its surroundings form a complex structure and when defects occur, they are treated by use of these specific procedures. The eyelid, orbit, face and tear ducts are considered as part of the eye region. These parts have a surgical procedures set for them. These are the facial plastic, ocular reconstructive. Aesthetic eyelid and other cosmetic surgeries and procedures. These surgeries are done for either reconstructive purposes or cosmetic purposes. In most cases, both purposes will be considered. This is essentially because the eyes have to function well and look nice as they are openly placed on the face.

The vision and the appearance are the basic objectives of oculoplastic surgeons. The eye health and comfort are also necessary. Eye surgery procedures are optional in some cases and it is hence important to understand the benefits and the risks before undertaking them. The cost too can be high and can cause trouble if they don’t turn out like they were hoped to. Many however have benefited a great deal from these procedures including correction of folding eyelids whether outwards or inwards.

Preparation for oculoplastic surgeries

In every surgical operation, the patient has to prepare accordingly to make the surgery proceed safely. At first, you need to ensure that you are of good general health. This is done by visiting your doctor for clearance. There are some patients who use warfarin and aspirin doses daily under the instructions of cardiologists. These specialists are required to clear the patient too. Prior to the surgery, the patient is advised not to use some medication types like supplements obtained over the counter. You are then required to visit an Oculoplastic Surgeon before the actual surgery to make some arrangements. Since the operation will include admission, the patient is required to make arrangements so that transportation home is available.


The aftermath after the procedures

In most cases, there are no consequences for undertaking oculoplastic surgery. It is however important to know how to behave after the surgery so that healing and recovery are effective. The oculoplastic surgeon will provide patients with the necessary instructions. These should be adhered to. The care you are to have after the surgery will however differ with the oculoplastic procedure you took. Cool compresses are the most common recommendation in the first several days. Minimal activity is also recommended to prevent complications, discomfort, swelling and bruising. Many victims heal and are able to restore daily activities after a week. Some however go up to 2 weeks depending on the individual state and immune system. Medications will be given to help fight pain.

What risk are you taking?

There are usually not much of a risk in having oculoplastic surgery. In most cases, patients have their objectives of functionality and appearance achieved. In some few cases however, the patients undergo some unexpected results. This is whereby the appearance of the face is altered. For this reason, it is important to first contact your oculoplastic surgeon for explanation of the limitations of the surgery. If you agree to take the risk, you should have the realistic expectations. The cost is yet another risk you take in taking these procedures. They are expensive and if the results are not as expected, it is all in vain.

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